What Are the Extra Costs for Party Rentals in Los Angeles, CA?

At Tlapazola Party Rental, we understand the significance of transparency and communication when it comes to rental prices and rates. We provide party and event rentals throughout Los Angeles, California and most areas. All prices shown at checkout are base prices for event equipment rentals, however, many items may have additional costs or charges due to the customization of each party's event organization. If you have special requests, you can contact a party planner today to request a custom order.

Just send a list of rentals by email to receive a rental proposal (go to the contact page below). Many customers choose to add assembly or disassembly services to further simplify their events. Prepayment is required, unless another agreement is made or your company has an account with Del Rey Party Rentals. Once you submit your quote, a Del Rey Party Rentals representative will determine your shipping and collection rates.