What Are the Additional Fees for Adding Extra Guests to a Party Rental in Los Angeles, CA?

When it comes to renting a party rental in Los Angeles, CA, it is essential to be aware of any extra fees associated with adding extra guests. A guest is not considered an additional tenant until they have stayed in the unit for 30 or more consecutive days. In this case, the tenant's additional rent will depend on the services related to the sale of tangible movable property, such as food, flowers, bar services, and mandatory coordination fees. These services are usually subject to tax. The State of California does not set a single Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) rate; instead, they are determined by local governments and thus depend on the location of the rental property.

The Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector sends notifications by mail about late payments for the current year. West Hollywood restricts short-term rentals only to situations where you rent part of your home to guests, but stay on the same property at all times. San José's short-term rental laws impose significant restrictions on what you can do with your short-term rental, particularly in terms of capacity and duration. The municipal code of the city of San José (specifically section 20.80, part 2) also limits the number of eligible nights for a given short-term rental per calendar year to 120. In addition to obtaining your business certificate, you'll also need to obtain a short-term residential rental certificate from the Office of Short-term Rentals. When it comes to taxes, how they are applied depends on whether you paid taxes when you purchased the item or placed it in your rental inventory.

The minimum rental period allowed by the city is six months, although landlords do allow landlords to collect rental income for shorter periods twice a year (for which you'll have to pay 12% of the total).