Safety Measures for Party Rentals in Los Angeles, CA

When it comes to setting up a rented party rental in Los Angeles, CA, there are certain safety measures that must be taken into consideration. Events Party Rentals (EPR) is devoted to reserving all items listed in the rental agreement on behalf of the customer, provided that the customer meets certain requirements. The customer agrees to exempt EPR from any liability, demands, judgments, attorney fees and costs of every kind and nature that may arise from the use, maintenance, installation, operation, possession, ownership or rental of the rented items. This agreement is valid even if it is not signed by the customer as long as they take possession of the rental items. The exit screen should include a section titled “Delivery Information” which lists the rules and regulations that EPR must follow during the delivery, installation or removal of rental equipment as established by the event venue owners or managers.

Any legal disputes between EPR and its customers must be brought to Los Angeles County and any litigation will take place in a Los Angeles court. To prevent housing from being converted into rental properties, legislation has been put in place to restrict short-term rentals to the main residence. The customer also agrees to exempt EPR from any liability that may arise from any injury, death or damage caused by the use or operation of the rental items. Events Party Rentals reserves the right to refuse to install or deliver rental equipment due to hazardous weather conditions or other unsafe conditions. They are not responsible for underground utilities and charges for downtime regardless of whether the equipment is used or not.

If there are any issues with safety measures, customers can file a complaint with a government law enforcement agency such as the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health or their local Department of Buildings & Safety. In the absence of hazardous weather conditions or other conditions, Events Party Rentals will use all appropriate means and methods to protect the rental equipment for both the customer's safety and the safety of the equipment. The City of Los Angeles has entered into platform agreements with several housing platforms which are listed below.