What is the Cancellation Policy for Party Rentals in Los Angeles, CA?

If you're planning an event in Los Angeles, CA and need to rent equipment from LA Party Rentals, it's important to understand their cancellation policy. Cancellations made before 60 days of the event date will receive a full refund, while cancellations made within 60 or 7 days in advance will be converted into a credit that can be used for any future events or dates. Party Rental Central reserves the right to cancel existing facilities if they discover any material they consider hazardous. In this case, the customer will be responsible for removing or eliminating such hazardous materials before work can resume.

Furthermore, Party Rental Central cannot be held liable for any incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, and the customer agrees to fully compensate them in respect of the same. To avoid any potential issues, it's recommended that customers purchase event insurance from an appropriate provider. Party Rental Central also reserves the right to cancel outdoor facilities such as tents when affected by weather or other causes beyond their control. The customer must provide them with access to all areas where the equipment will be delivered, access to necessary public services, adequate parking and access to restrooms. Additionally, they must sign the quote and pay the corresponding advance to confirm the items and create a rental agreement (reservation) between them and Party Rental Central. The customer has a one-day grace period to return the rented items; however, if they are not returned within this period, they will be charged daily until they are returned.

It is also the customer's responsibility to return the rented items under the same conditions. The customer must exempt Party Rental Central from any claim, demand, or liability resulting from damage to property during installation or dismantling of the equipment. If this exemption is refused, the customer will be responsible for all costs of repairing or replacing the damage determined by Party Rental Central. The only recourse that the customer will have in case of any issues with Party Rental Central is a refund that does not exceed the amount of rent paid by them. The customer also agrees to stop using the leased equipment and immediately notify Party Rental Central in case they find it unsafe or in poor condition.